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February 22, 2008
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Space Marine by mikeg8807 Space Marine by mikeg8807
First of all, let me point out this was a paint-over. The reference I used was adonihs's "Just a Grunt" piece. Before anyone claims I ripped, I already got permission to do it. You can view the much nicer original here:


Now, while I did use adonihs work early on to get the line art, basic color layout for the marine, and ideas for lighting, I didn't use it as a crutch. After getting the basic components of the character down, it was pretty much all me.

Anyways, I didn't even mean for this to turn into a real, finished piece...I originally was just going to do a simple paint-over to get coloring practice but it came along so good I decided to submit it. You can tell parts I rushed and parts I spent too much time on. If some of the lines seem sketchy, its because it was done by mouse which is damned hard to draw straight, even lines with.

All drawn by mouse in PS, around 10 hours.

Hope you enjoy...and make sure you check out the original!

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haydxn Sep 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just wondering if you are aware of the fact that this website is advertising a (non-existent) product, with your image...

[i promise this is not a spam link - it does have a shopping cart but i recommend you DON'T attempt to buy anything from it!]


There are a bunch of us who are curious as to whether you have given any kind of permission...
I have been reading some articles and it seems this "Edge" company is making its living via legal holes, stealing work from the internets and claiming any game with the word "Edge" anywhere near the title as copyright infringment...
I heard it forced Apple to remove some games from the App Store (Example: "Killers Edge" that started being prduced earlier than 2006, suposedly a rip off from their game "Racers", or "Edge's Racers" that came out just this year) that way, claiming those games copied names, codes, and stuff from games they "are producing". God i even heard the adress its using for the copany is a Mailbox, having no phisical office, and rumours of it not paying for artwork, producers, or coders.
If anyone checks this guy is link, u will note the obvious future plan of suing "Mirror's Edge" for his game "Mirrors" or "Edge's Mirrors"
DragonStrider Jul 14, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
FANTASTIC :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Oh my god, you drew this masterpiece with a mouse? *A* Amazing! :heart::heart:
haha ya it can be frustrating.

thanks btw :)
no problem (:
sir,i appplaud you for not only doing a pretty dam good job compared to the original, but using a godforsaken mouse to paint with as well. painting with a mouse SUCKS, so, you get major cool points for that.
It'd be REALLY impressive if i used a laptop trackpad. ;)

Thanks for the comment man.
hrtlsangel Mar 2, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow. very nice. although i think the lighting is a bit off in some places it's very good and the background is exactly how I would depict a space ship. In my oppinion, I think it's even better than the original. =P
thanks for the comment! better than the original...haha damn, thats probably the nicest comment i've ever gotten. :P

thanks again. ;)
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